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Leave a lasting impact on yourself as one of the top writers in the realm of literature. You can rely upon the way we manage publications. When it involves writing, publishing, and advertising, we provide you with the highest quality – Don’t you think this could possibly be the reason why we are featured in most of the news giants.

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Welcome To The Literature World

To assure complete satisfaction—unprecedented—we deliver our clients exceptional creative book writing services.

  • Outstanding Authors

    It's time to elicit strong feelings from your readers by putting your ideas in their ears. Engage the expertise of our award-winning writers, who can use powerful narratives to assist you to fulfill your goals.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    It's time to elicit strong feelings from your readers by putting your ideas in their ears. Engage the expertise of our award-winning writers, who can use powerful narratives to assist you to fulfill your goals.

Along with providing experienced ghostwriters and proofreaders, we offer a range of other services that includes:


Level up your storytelling and create an emotional connection with your readers. You have reached the right place if you want the wider populace to hear your tale. We own the art of creating a compelling story. Ghost Writer Kingdom team of skilled ghostwriters will write a captivating book for you that will enable you in creating a solid and enduring connection with your audience. We Value the Trust That Our Customers Place in Us.


All of your marketing efforts will be amplified by strong branding. The greatest option would be to have a wide variety of designs that you could print or digitally publish. To create a reputable brand, though, requires more than that. Hiring a single business to create all of your logos, covers, and stationery is a fantastic idea. By doing this, you can guarantee that your own style will be maintained everywhere.


Self-publishing books require a lot more time and effort than it appears to. You must first prepare your book and get it professionally edited. It takes a lot of time and effort to do this alone. Next, you need to create your covers and wait for them to be released. Be at ease; we will guide you through the procedure. It is usually good to invest a little more money and get an expert.


Reveal Your Literary Art. We will pitch your narrative globally on your behalf using a distinctive author website that contains tools to increase visibility for you and your work. We're here to help you get the attention you've always wanted. Leverage our author website-building services to reveal your true self to the viewers. You have the chance to become a future published author and to succeed in your marketing objectives.

Create an identity for yourself as one of the top writers!
You can trust the way we handle publications. When it comes to writing, publishing, and marketing solutions, we provide you with the highest possible quality.



By allocating a committed team of specialists to each project, we promise hassle-free and on-time delivery.


We answer each of your concerns and queries within the given timeframe, guaranteeing complete compliance.


We provide revisions up until the point at which you are happy with the quality of the work, we deliver to you.


Before submission, our work is meticulously reviewed to make sure everything here is accurate and up to your standards.


Get your books written by our skilled ghostwriters, who will ensure that you receive exceptional versions that are inscribed with their imagination.


We uphold an unrivalled degree of excellence while upholding our core principles. Give us the concept for your book, and we'll answer any of your questions discreetly!

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Why Hire Our Ghost Writers?

Experienced Book writers

Get your stories written by our experienced ghostwriters, who make sure to deliver extraordinary copies inked with their creativity.

24/7 Free Consultation

Our experts are available 24/7 to cater to your queries to ensure quick and effective communication.

Unlimited Revisions

Our writers are open to your feedback and carry out revisions until you are contented. There aren't many ghostwriter services that offer unlimited revisions.

100% Quality Assurance

All the work is checked and verified by the quality assurance manager before being delivered to you. We never compromise on quality.

Writing Geeks Having Creativity As A Second Gene

We help you publish. That’s how at Ghost Writer Kingdom, we have opted to frame our solutions. Your quest is over if you're an aspiring writer or want to release the next action-packed fantasy. You are one step closer to becoming the finest author when you choose to hire a Ghostwriter from our outstanding pool of writers and editors who write and edit a variety of genres. Additionally, we guarantee that you receive the greatest book contract from renowned publishing companies throughout the world as well as a top book agent with our premium publishing continuing services. To satisfy any of your demands for ghostwriting, including book cover design and book advertising services, we cordially welcome you to peruse our expert book writing services.

The professionals at Ghost Writer Kingdom can assist you with it. We are part of a network of experts that can create an exceptional E-Tale that does honour your brilliant idea. We are dedicated to putting your concept into words while upholding the integrity of your concept and without sacrificing any of its critical parts. You can trust them with your most difficult brief and go to sleep since they'd take care of everything you could possibly imagine, a client of ours once stated.

With utmost discretion, Ghost Writer Kingdom was founded to provide top-notch ghostwriting services. Our professional staff of writers and editors, in addition to our strict adherence to order delivery, help us to separate from the competitors. The top ghostwriters have been compiled by us from all across the US. The group's collective experience and creativity hold the key to unrivalled book authoring, formatting, and editing. Our customers will benefit from on-time delivery and the lowest prices available on the market, which puts them ahead of the publication pack. We also provide all of our clients with first-rate book cover design services, book trailer development, and publishing consulting.

Our writers compose sentences that actually matter and enhance your visibility. At Ghost Writer Kingdom, we are experts at creating material that is both highly interactive and consistent with your brand's identity. We adhere to strict standards, and quality is what sets us apart from the competition. In terms of content, volume, delivery, and budget, Ghost Writer Kingdom cares about its customers and works hard to attain excellence in all these areas. We have hand-selected US-based blog writers with a certain skill set and pertinent information in order to make it happen.

We are committed to providing you with top-notch ghostwriter services. Our premium ghostwriters have a proven track record of turning your stories into best sellers right away. We adhere to a set of standards to keep you informed as we meticulously meet the highest quality for writing services. Our expert team of book publishers comprises highly skilled marketers that know how to maximize your marketing objectives by creating goal-oriented plans, perfect for the success of your book marketing campaigns.

Qualities of Good Ghostwriters

  • When it comes to novels, hiring a ghostwriter may be a sensitive process. A proficient ghostwriter may complete a book in half the time needed by a different author who is not a ghostwriter. The amount of time and degree of commitment needed from the customer will vary depending on the writer. If you running a business that consumes the whole of your time, maybe you are a single mother balancing a job and children or have any other excuse for why you can't dedicate enough time to or don't want to be heavily involved in proofreading and editing, you always have us covered.
  • On the other hand, if you want to exert greater influence over your book, make time for it and speak out when it's required. And before employing a ghostwriter to work on your project, you wish to be clear about it. To be able to sign a deal with the writer, they must sufficiently comprehend your requirements.
  • On freelancer websites, you can find many excellent ghostwriters, but there is no way of knowing if the writer can perform your job right. To guarantee the caliber of work and legitimacy anticipated from a writer in this industry, you should look for ghostwriters that have specialized websites or are affiliated with an experienced agency.
  • A competent ghostwriter will have written books within the same genre before, therefore they will be familiar with the market and the rules and regulations of the genre for which you are looking for a book. Given that the ghostwriter seems to have a non-disclosure deal in place for every book they've written, this is difficult to say. Asking a ghostwriter for an overview at first is a fantastic approach to assessing their degree of expertise. How experienced and competent the writer is may be determined quickly.
  • Your work will be made a thousand times simpler if you hire our versatile ghostwriters. However, employing a writer who does not fit your temperament and demands might also turn out to be a blunder. The benefits of recruiting should outweigh the expense. Because of this, we provide you with the freedom to create your bundle based on the services you require. For a quote and a free consultation, get in touch with us immediately.
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We don’t just say it until we mean it. Ghost Writer Kingdom is the leading writing company providing the best E-Tale services across the US. Get your books written from scratch or edited. We are eager to get you on board.

Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions

Ghost Writer Kingdom is renowned for its exceptional writing abilities and knowledge. We distinguish ourselves from the competition in the market by employing highly experienced writers, implementing customer-focused policies, being punctual, acting professionally in all of our transactions, and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction, to name a few key characteristics. In addition, our skill is attested to by a large number of happy customers and the positive views of our clients. You may read the frank, unbiased evaluations that our customers have left on the review page. You may determine why Ghost Writer Kingdom is the ideal option with this in mind.

Because of the reasonable costs, we have earned the reputation of being an affordable ebook writing company in US. The only fee for the service is pennies. The low costs were purposefully chosen to make the service affordable for all people, regardless of their means. To meet the various demands of the customers, there are many packages. Furthermore, several great reductions serve to support the low pricing even more. You may make use of high-quality services with the aid of these reductions without worrying about the cost. There is always a deal or discount going on. New customers may potentially qualify for exclusive discounts based on their order. But even when prices are reduced, standards are never compromised.

They are experts at Ghost Writer Kingdom enriched with a wealth of knowledge and training to keep them aware of the demands of the current world. Only the absolute best writers were selected for the team following a very rigorous hiring procedure. Their expertise and experience are scrutinized closely. This is the basis for the writer's unwavering faith in its support and help. The crew goes above and above to provide a masterfully written E-Tale that is in high demand. Hire our skilled writers if you wish to reach new heights of success and rank among the best sellers. This company's success rate is 99%.

Yes, our writer makes an unwavering commitment to your privacy. It is guaranteed that the information gathered will only be used to keep in touch with the customer and won't be put to any other use. Under layers of encryption and privacy regulations, the information is protected with care. We ensure that our clients feel safe working with us and completely respect their right to privacy. The client-specific book is written exclusively for them; ideas or materials are never in any way recycled. Therefore, you can rest certain that this service is completely private and that no one will have access to it.

The procedure is drawn out and calls for extreme patience. The discussion of concepts and the division of the many chapters, outlines, and components mark the beginning of the approach. A green signal is sought from the customer first before the procedure is started to ensure that they are happy with it and that everyone is on the exact page. The entire procedure is started by the writer, who keeps the customer informed throughout. They are continually being updated with a draught. As a result, the final goods are an exact representation of their expectations. Our authors are renowned for always exceeding their clients' expectations.

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Our Testimonials

These people at Ghost Writer Kingdom are simply brains! I hired these writing professionals to get some of my work done and they got it done a lot quicker than I expected. Proofreading to Submission was only a few weeks. I could not have asked for an incredible and helping squad than these guys.

Richard Jose

#1 New York times-bestselling author Over 1 million copies sold!

I'll be honest: With no clear guidance on the procedure or the amount of work necessary, this overall experience has been intimidating for me as a fresh. By coincidence, I found these guys and I'm very pleased that I did. They truly understood and guided me through it. Amazing work Ghost Writer Kingdom!

Samantha Paul

#1-ranked agent on Publishers Marketplace

Shout out to Ghost Writer Kingdom for their diligent work and for completing my project within the promised deadline. The team did an amazing job with the proofreading, cover designing and publishing of my novel. Great job everyone, keep up the good work. I will definitely be recommending these incredible writers ahead.

John Fernandez

Authors include Rachel Hollis, Tilman Fertitta, and John C Maxwell

Ghost writer Kingdom guided me in structuring my ideas and wrote a perfect biography for me. Without their help, I could not have gotten such a skilled reading. It was a fantastic process from beginning to end. I advise everyone to try it! Worth spending every penny.

Joana Smith

Great people with really good writing skills. Writers at ghost writer Kingdom were nice enough to respond to my every query and helped me write a huge novel. It was quite a good experience collaborating with them. I would really recommend to anyone who wants to get their novel done.

Rachel Adrian

I can gladly say that I was right choosing Ghost writer Kingdom for my work. I only had the idea in my mind and their writers made it possible putting into a novel. Suh a great team of professional writers. I will for sure work with them again.

Daelan Garet